Santiago, Easter Island and Lake Crossing to Bariloche

Santiago, Easter Island and Lake Crossing to Bariloche

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    Day 01: Santiago Airport - Santiago - City tour Santiago

    Reception at the Santiago Airport and transfer to your hotel.

    City tour in Santiago visiting the main tourist attractions.

    Regarded as an amazing destination by international media, Santiago is a cosmopolitan and vibrant capital which combined perfectly tradition and modernity. This tour will allow you to meet the origins of the city and its main spots such as the Main Square, the Cathedral, the Post Office and the City Hall of Santiago. You will also visit the La Moneda Government Palace and the most traditional neighborhoods of the historical downtown. The excursion also includes a visit to the Santa Lucía Hill, called Huelén by the native people, an urban oasis in the middle of the capital. There you will learn more about the Chilean history and you will enjoy privileged views of the city. After knowing the historical Santiago, we will go to the Lastarria Neighborhood, known by its cultural, patrimonial and gastronomic offer. The second part of the tour will lead us to the Eastern part of the capital, where lies the financial heartland of Santiago, known by its modern buildings, imposing crystal towers and works made by notable Chilean architects.

    Time permitting, you will have the chance to take a optional excursion (not included):

    Concha y Toro Vineyard

    This tour start from your hotel in Santiago towards Maipo Valley, in a 45-minute trip. The visit begins in Don Melchor square where the guests will be received by a bilingual guide, who will invite you to enjoy a panoramic visit to the vineyard, accompanied by a white wine glass of “Casillero del Diablo” wine, enjoying the aromas and flavors in your walk throughout this hundred-year wine cellar. With your glass in hand, you will participate in a long walk by the old park, travel back in time watching the manor of Pirque, residence of the Concha y Toro family. In this place the greatest wine company was born more than 100 years ago. In the vineyards of Pirque you will be able to know the grapevines development, cultural and technological handling that is responsible for a highest quality performance. Once in the wine cellar you will taste an excellent Merlot Casillero del Diablo wine, while the guide shows and explains the methodology and materials used in the wine production. In order to know the oldest facilities and to be a witness of the worldwide known wine legend, Concha y Toro Vine offers you a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon Casillero del Diablo, the wine that made famous the Chilean wine. 
    Return to hotel and lodging.

    Day 02: Santiago - Valparaíso - Viña del Mar 

    We begin the route from your hotel, in a trip of 120 kilometers to the Pacific Ocean with a brief stop at the Veramonte Vineyard.

    Our "Garden city", Viña del Mar, will charm us with its architecture, its streets, palaces, and Quinta Vergara. We ´ll have the possibility to know a Moai from Easter Island and a handcraft store of lapizlasuli (Faba). We'll drive the coastal border and visit the port city of Valparaiso which goes back to 1536. The city was declared World Heritage by Unesco and it´s currently the site of the legislative power of Chile. It´s a magical place of unique and unforgettable landscapes with colorful neighborhoods and picturesque funicular elevators. We fishish our visit at the Sotomayor Square and the port, where we can navigate through Valparaiso. Return to your hotel in Santiago.

    Day 03: Santiago - Santiago Airport - Easter Island - Mataveri Airport - Ahu Akivi (seven explorers)

    Breakfast in the hotel in Easter Island. Transfer to Santiago Airport to board your flight destination Easter Island. Arrival in the Easter Island Airport. Reception in the Airport with flower necklace and transfer to your selected hotel. We initiate the tour about 3:00 pm from Hanga Roa, visiting Ahu Vinapu, that it was used by the islanders in the year 1.200 A.C. including 3 Ahu. The first one has 6 Moai statues demolished and painted in red. The second one has a supposedly feminine Moai which had two heads. Finally, the third Moai, the oldest one, features only removed stones. We will continue our way to the quarry of Puna Pau, archaeological site in the eastern side of Hanga Roa. It is a small crater of red slag, from where the Pukao or hats of the Moai statues were obtained. Along its old exit, there are some incomplete and abandoned Moai. We will head to Ahu Akivi, the first Ahu restored by the science in the island in the year 1960. The platform with 7 Moai is characterized by being one of the few ones located in the center of the island, with its statues facing the rising sun. According the legend, these 7 Moai would represent 7 young explorers sent before Hotu Matua'a's arrival to investigate the island. Our adventure leads us to the cavern of Te Pahu, a place used as housing and temporary refuge in war times. Then, we will return to Hanga Roa, total duration 3,5 hours. Lodging. 

    Day 04: Easter Island -The Hotu Matua Route: Ahu Akahanga - Tongariki - Rano Rarako - Anakena Beach

    Departing from Hanga Roa's town at about 9:30 am, going to the southeastern and northeastern coast of the Island visiting the Ahu Vaihu temple, which is located 10 km from Hanga Roa. It consists of a stone platform with 8 Moai statues and 8 pukao dispersed in the proximities. Then, we will go to Ahu Akahanga, so- called the "Platform of the king". The legend tells that Hotu Matua'a's tomb is near this place. There, we will find 4 platforms, 12 Moai statues, 8 Pukao and towards the interior of this Ahu; it is possible to see the best-preserved village of the island.
    Later, we will go to Ahu Tongariki, with 15 Moai being the largest Ahu of the island. After that, we will meet Ahu Te Pito Kura, which possesses the highest statue of the island raised in an Ahu, the Moai Paro (10 meters of height and 85 tons with a Pukao of 11,5 tons). Near this ceremonial temple is the great spherical stone that is identified as the Center of the World (Te Pito o Te Henua), as the legend tells, it was brought to the island by Hotu Matua'a in his craft. After that, we will arrive in Ahu Nau Nau, temple of a complex construction due to its different levels where we will find 5 Moai statues with Pukao. There, we will see petroglyphs in the backs of the statues. We will continue our excursion to the Rano Raraku volcano and quarry, where there was carved most of the Moai of the island, using the volcanic rock of its hillsides. There are an estimated number of 400 Moai in several stages of carved. Finishing our adventure, we will go to the Anakena Beach. It is a beach of white sands chosen for the arrival of the Ariki Hotu Matua'a and his sister Avareipua. Anakena is the name of a small cave in an adjacent gully.
    Return to the town of Hanga Roa, total duration 8 hours. Lodging. 

    Day 05: Easter Island - Orongo (Ceremonial Village) 

    Breakfast in our hotel in Easter Island.
    We start our tour at 09:30 am from Hanga Roa heading to the Tahai Archaeological Complex. This ceremonial center features 3 ahus: Ahu Vai Uri with 5 Moai statues, Ahu Tahai with 1 Moai statue and Ahu Le to Riko with 1 Moai statue. From this site, we will be able to appreciate inspiring landscapes. After that, we will visit the Ana Kai Tangata natural cave where it is possible to appreciate some rupestrian art representing birds such as the manutara, and where it is possible to watch waves breaking upon the cliff.  We will continue our tour by visiting the Rano Kau volcano where we will be able to see the largest crater on the Island and one of the largest sweet water reservation of the area. Finally, we will visit the Orongo Ceremonial Village, old and magnificent ceremonial city located in the western side of the Rano Kau volcano. It features 53 elliptical houses made of sandstone and a small square window looking to the sea. In this place, the most important ceremony of the second period of Easter Island was carried out: the election of the Tangata Manu (Bird-Man), this ceremony stopped being performed 150 years ago, due to the arrival of the first Christian missioners. At 01:00 pm approximately, we will return to the village.

    During the afternoon, you will be able to carry out a horseback riding in Easter Island (not included): 

    Horseback Riding to the Caverns of Easter Island
    Tour time: 09:00 am – 02:30 pm
    Length: 3,5 hours
    Departing from your hotel in Easter Island, we will enjoy a unique horseback riding to the cavern area. These caverns spread through the Island were used as residence, as graveyard and shelter during war time. We will ride, visiting the caverns of Ana Kakenga and the "Two Windows Caverns", located in the northeaster coastal area of the Island. To access this cavern, we have to enter in a hole in the ground. After that, we will head to Ana te Pahu, a less visited place in the Island, but featuring a beautiful landscape. Then, we will continue to Ahu Akivi, importante sacred altar and platform, ending in Maunga Roiho.

    Day 06: Easter Island - Mataveri Airport - Santiago Airport - Santiago  

    Breakfast at the hotel in Easter Island. Depending on the scheduled flight time, you will be able to carry out one of these options (not included):

    Te Ana Circuit
    Tour time: 09:30 am
    Length: 3 – 4 hours
    This tour specializes in the exploration of the caves. All an underground world where Rapa Nui is the 10th place worldwide with underground galleries that reaches 7 kilometers in total. Here, we will visit some of the most important caves and cavern of the island and will understand how its inhabitants could survive the depletion of its resources and inclement of the weather. We will also learn about the volcanic origin of the island and its geographical formation.
    Adventure Trekking
    Tour time: 09:30 am
    Length: 3 – 4 hours
    Departing from the Hanga Roa village, we will visit part of the northwestern coast of Rapa Nui, Ahu Akapu, Kakenga caverns, Te Pora, Te Pahu and finally Ahu Tepeu. Return to your place of accommodation at 02:00 pm.
    At the scheduled time, transfer to the airport and typical farewell. Flight to Santiago. Lodging.

    Day 07: Santiago - Airport Santiago - Puerto Montt - Puerto Varas

    Transfer to the Santiago Airport. Flight to Puerto Montt. Arrival in El Tepual Airport in Puerto Montt, reception and transfer to hotel in Puerto Varas. Rest of the day at leisure. Lodging.

    Day 08: Puerto Varas - Puerto Montt - Frutillar

    Breakfast in the hotel. Half day visit to Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt cities.
    This cities are characterized for its German influence, those who arrived to the zone. Main attractives of both cities are visited: The handicraft fair and the Angelmo creek in Puerto Montt. Puerto Varas is located 20 km. from Puerto Montt, in the border of Llanquihue lake with a wonderful view of the Osorno Volcano.
    By the afternoon, excursion to the beautiful city of Frutillar located in the opposite border of Llanquihue Lake. Lodging. 

    Day 09: Puerto Varas - Peulla

    Breakfast in the hotel. At the according hour, you will be taken off from the hotel for a wonderful adventure tour, by bus and ship to Peulla. The trasfer is by bus down to Petrohué, in this place you will board a ship. This ship travels through the turquoise water of Todos los Santos lake up to Peulla, a owe-inspiring village located near the Argentina frontier. Arrival in the hotel in Peulla. Lodging and dinner.

    Day 10: Peulla - Bariloche

    Breakfast in the hotel. At the according time, continuing the Andean Lakes Crossing heading to the Bariloche city travel through the Blest Port and Pañuelos Port. Arrival in Bariloche, transfer to Hotel, lodging.

    Day 11: Bariloche

    Breakfast in the hotel, the travel begins from Bariloche bordering the Nahuelhuapi Lake. A few minutes of travel later, we will find the Bonita beach from where you will be able to see the Huemul Island. After that, we will get to the Campanario Hill. Here is a chairlift to the summit, where you will see one of the most wonderful and fascinating views of this region. After that, return to Hotel, lodging.

    Day 12: Bariloche

    Transfer from the hotel to the airport in Bariloche.

    End of services.


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